Helping Business Owners Create and Understand Financial Statements in order to make the BEST decisions for their Business

Most Business Owners expect good profit from utilizing their skills, but there is more to running a business than just performing their line of work. I take Business Owners through a structured process to define goals, create a plan, and then work the plan. Business Owners find relief knowing they are confidently in control with renewed energy to continue scaling their business.

What is the difference between Consulting and Coaching?

consulting local business owner

Business Consulting

Business Consulting involves working for or with a Business Owner to find and implement solutions for specific needs or challenges, plus providing expertise and advice.

coaching business owners

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is the educational process leading to personal transformation that helps Business Owners attain their goals. A Business Coach supports and challenges you to be the best Business Leader you can be.

Do I Need A Business Coach or Business Consultant? Or Both?

It’s not always clear to Business Owners whether they would benefit more from Business Consulting, Business Coaching or a combination of the two.  The best way to find out is to contact T.A. Pedigo & Associates, Inc. to discuss your specific needs.  Teresa will then help you discover which path suits you and your business during a no-cost initial conversation

Client Success Stories

Teresa always provides great insight to my client's businesses. She is very knowledgeable and engaging with every mutual client we have worked with her on. I strongly recommend all business owners to have a sit down with Teresa to learn how she can help their business grow.
Brian Orris
Brian Toennies & Associates
Teresa is the best in the business! If you are looking for professionalism, absolute quality, innovation, and fantastic solutions, you have found the right person and business to move you and your business forward.
James Kellerman
Call For Help, Inc.
TA Pedigo & Assoc is an outstanding resource for any Business owner. She understands how to assist business owners to get their business to the next level. I didn't think I needed help until I met Teresa. She is amazing!!!
Sharon Campbell
Owner, Answer Direct
Teresa is wonderful. She’s creative, positive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping people succeed in business. She has helped our business, Big Frog Custom T-shirts and more, as a consultant. She’s the best!
Emily Colton
Co-Owner of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.”

Marcus Lemonis

What makes T.A. Pedigo & Associates, Inc. Different?

The mission at T.A. Pedigo & Associates, Inc. is to help Business Owners or Entities, find more time, to make more money, to grow their business. This is accomplished by providing Business Consulting and Business Coaching services resulting in credible solutions for incredible businesses. All solutions are tailored towards reducing frustration, reducing the amount of hours worked, and making it easier to manage the employees. Teresa helps Business Owners reduce the greatest expense their business will ever have, which is the difference between what it is currently making and what it is capable of making.

Together, we formulate solutions to the challenges you are facing or craft plans to capitalize on the opportunities around the Business Owner.  These plans and solutions result in the Business Owner feeling more confident when making business decisions. The Business Owner no longer has a feeling of “being alone”, as we partner together to develop and accomplish goals. Teresa provides the accountability component which is often the key to achieving success. And most importantly, she empowers Business Owners by helping them have a solid understanding of their financials in order to make the best possible decisions for their business.

As a Business Owner herself who understands all of the challenges running a business provides, Teresa has helped countless Business Owners overcome these challenges becoming more successful than they ever dreamed possible.

Providing Credible Solutions for Incredible Businesses

More Time

Gain efficiencies via improved processes and procedures that will actually create more time.

More Money

Shrink expenses, set goals, create action steps and watch your business make money!

More Growth

With more time and money, plus added accountability, your business can grow exponentially!!

Are you leaving money on the table?

  • Do you know how to close the GAP between what you are currently making and what you are capable of making?
  • Would you like to have more peace of mind knowing your are making the best decisions for your business?
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