Are You Giving Back to Your Community?

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Are You Giving Back to Your Community?

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a small business being in-tune with its community.  Equally important is for Business Owners to be active community members. It will not only help build a favorable reputation for the business, but can also transform that reputation into tangible business growth.  And let’s face it, if you are not growing, you’re dying.

I’m not entirely sure who penned the quote, “You’re not living if you are not giving” but it’s something that every Business Owner should embrace for the growth of its community.  Giving can be monetary, but it can also be the giving of your time. It’s something that I watched my parents and their friends do growing up in a small town.  It’s also something I planned to do as a grown-up.

Our town was known for having one of THE BEST Fourth of July fireworks display. People would come from all over.  In fact, more attended this event than the town’s population.  Leading up to the event, the Civic Club members would meet in the evening to build the ground firework displays.  They would pull out the frames from storage and attach the fireworks by hand.  Kids of all ages would be expecting to see their favorites such as Bugs Bunny, the Deer Hunter, Pac-man, and so many more. I remember the countless hours worked by volunteer Business Owners who had worked all day, but would come to the firehouse to work in the heat and humidity to support the community.  They returned every year to repeat the same for an event that would last only 45 minutes.

My hometown Business Owners gave their time to something that united the community, spread good will, and taught lessons for generations to come. This is just one example of giving back to the community where you live. One idea to generate ideas in your own mind as to how your business can be impactful in your own community.

Even though I no longer live in that small town, I have found ways to benefit the communities I have lived in by becoming a board member for a non-profit, raising money for various charities, providing pro bono work with organizations to help them grow, and sponsoring events.
Business Owners. .Here is my challenge for you with respect to giving:
Make a Difference. . .
One of the most satisfying aspects of owning your own business is the opportunity to create change in people’s lives. Your business likely does this on a daily basis by employing people, providing products and/or providing a service.

Unite your team and figure out a way your entire business can be of service to community members. Ideas might include school supplies drives, city clean-up days, sponsoring a 5K, food drives and volunteering at community events. Making a difference matters!

Make a Mark. . .
Connecting with your community can be personally satisfying. It can also be good for your business. Businesses that value community service and responsibility are generally well-regarded by potential customers and clients in their communities. Earning community exposure can lead to a positive reputation. Making your mark matters!
Make Connections. . .

Being a consistent presence in your community is a great way to meet people who you might not otherwise interact with. Of course, this can mean meeting new clients or customers. But it can also mean meeting others who can help you grow your business, like potential employees, consultants or partners. Your reputation for being knowledgeable and respected in your field will help you network with others in your community who are interested in what you do. Making connections matter!

Parting thoughts. . . By becoming actively involved in your community, spreading goodwill, and helping others will help your business grow. Stop leaving money on the table and get involved today!

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