Are You Living to Work or Working to Live

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Are You Living to Work or Working to Live?

April is quickly coming to a close and the second month of the second quarter will be underway.  How has 2022 been treating you so far?  I’ve been having interesting conversations with my clients and prospects about how their businesses are doing now that we are (hopefully) on the downside of Covid. Some are struggling more financially or with the lack of customer traffic more now than they did in 2020 and 2021 and we’ve been working together to change that.  Others are finding that they had a much better work-life balance in the past 2 years than they have now.  They enjoyed more time with their families and doing things they enjoyed.

During these conversations, I find myself asking Business Owners, “Are You Living to Work or Working to Live?”  This was a question I asked myself A LOT nearing the end of my corporate career and continually found the answer to be living to work. YUCK!! Just one of MANY reasons to break out on my own and start “Working to LIVE!” Tomorrow is never promised.  I’ve experienced this is too many ways since the beginning of the year.  My goal and focus from this point forward will be “living more”

As a Business Owner, you get to make your own schedule and control your own working hours. But without experience or some guidance from a Business Consultant, many fall into the trap of putting too much on their own plate. If you’re more motivated to work because of the level of responsibility you’ve taken on and the passion you have for success, you’re more likely to deprioritize non-work needs to the detriment of your quality of life and overall wellness.

May I share a secret with you??? Businesses run better if their Owners are feeling energized and fulfilled in their lives both inside and outside the business. It’s SO EXCITING when I hear my clients enjoying life again while still managing to get as much or more work completed because they are energized.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your personal and professional lives working in equilibrium.

1.   Assess Your Personal and Professional Needs

You need to spend time in your business—that’s a given. But be careful: it’s so easy to get swept up in the pursuit of growth and success and neglect what you need. You’re a person before you’re a Business Owner.

With that in mind, take inventory of your business’ daily, weekly and monthly tasks and how long it should take to accomplish them. Determine how many hours you need to spend on the business versus how many hours you can spend on the business. I am not advocating for you to do the bare minimum… but having an idea of that minimum can help you set more realistic and healthier goals.

Then, do the same for your personal life. What do you need to do each day, week and month for you to feel like you’re living the life you want and deserve?

2. Be Aware of Quality and Quantity

Being cognizant of your time is crucial as a Business Owner but it’s not always the number of hours spent that’s most important. What you do in that time can mean the difference between you feeling accomplished and feeling unfulfilled. I find that many Business Owners fill their days with “busy work” or going “down a rabbit hole”.  In doing this, they feel like they have no time and wonder how they will ever be able to get the things they want accomplished.

When accounting for your business’ needs and your personal needs, don’t leave quality out of the equation. Often, Business Owners feel they should spend a minimum of 40-50 hours a week in their business. If some of those hours aren’t being used effectively, ask yourself whether there’s a more efficient way to run any aspects of your business or whether you can reappropriate some of those hours to your personal pursuits.

3. Get Help From Experts Where Possible

You don’t have to figure any of this out alone! There are expert Business Consultants and Coaches that help Business Owners get a leg-up on strategies to improve your approach to leadership, business management and more. These Business Consultants/Coaches have a goal to empower you to find solutions within your business that help you improve your life outside of it. A completely confidential and complimentary conversation today could be the start of a life-changing experience for you.

4. Establish and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Once you work with an expert Business Consultant/Coach, Business Owners learn the ability to work out their needs and goals on their own.  That’s when the Business Owner can begin to establishing boundaries. That may look like making sure work stays in the office, making sure you schedule and prioritize regular time for a hobby or activity you love, planning breaks or giving yourself a hard stop time each day.

Parting thoughts. . .If you are ready to take better control of your work/life balance, schedule a conversation with me today using the following link:

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