Cocktails with the coach

The most fun you will have networking

cocktails with the coach

This event is held on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Some are in-person and others are held virtually. Each meeting focuses on a topic specific to the interests of Business Owners or Entities and is an interactive discussion. Learn how to achieve the Income, Lifestyle, Wealth & Equity you desire, and enjoy a cocktail while networking! 

For a schedule of both virtual and live events, please go to my facebook page and look under Events

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When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Facebook Group

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Exclusive membership for Business Owners.  The purpose of this Facebook group is to create an online community of Business Owners to function as a virtual mastermind group. A place where Business Owners can share success stories, learn something they didn’t know, ask questions, and make connections with other Business Owners.  Additionally, T.A. Pedigo & Associates Inc. provides motivational and educational materials for the benefit of the Community. There is no cost to be member of this Community; however, the value of being a member is priceless.

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What Others have said

“Teresa A. Pedigo’s Seminar “Running a Business is Hard -You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” was one of the BEST seminars I have been to in a long time. If you haven’t registered for the next session you are missing out! All the speakers were great. I learned so much about “What I Didn’t Know”. Thank you Teresa A. Pedigo, Stacy Pfeffer Richmond, Andy Toennies, Jeff Bullock, and Terry Lammers for taking the time to teach us so much. I’m really looking forward to Session 2 and 3.” -Judy Kocinski, Canine to 5 Pet Services

“What a fabulous seminar.  I’ve owned my own business for well over 20 years and I found out there were a lot of things I didn’t know, that would have been very good for me to know before.  Thanks Teresa!” -Rita Sax, EQS

“Once again Teresa A. Pedigo has done an amazing job! The second session of her series was a huge success. I have learned so much valuable information about starting a business and owning a business. She has put together a group of amazing professionals who have given us great information. I am looking forward to the 3rd session and really hoping she continues these seminars in the Fall.”   –Judy Kocinski, Canine to 5 Pet Services