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While pondering topics for this month’s newsletter, I kept circling back to how I could write about anything else but expressions of gratitude as we prepare for Thanksgiving.

But hold on. . . don’t stop reading because you think this is just going to be just another repeat topic of something you’ve already heard 1,000 times!! I could never do that to my faithful readers.  Please read on. . .

I’ve found when Business Owners are making major changes, they tend to be very harsh on themselves for mistakes or imperfections in the process and dwell on them for far too long. Sound familiar? Hey, I admit that it happens to me too!  However, when it comes to their successes, they are excited for about a minute (if that long) and then move along with their day.  Therefore, Business Owners most often do not take time to EXPRESS GRATITUDE TO THEMSELVES for their own successes. So that is the topic of this month’s newsletter.  What do you do as a Business Owners to show expressions of gratitude to yourself for all you have accomplished?

One of my clients made the decision this year to grow her business exponentially.  She knew some pretty significant changes were going to be required, but was poised to move forward knowing she would have to take some risks while stepping outside her comfort zone.

I ask my client to begin journaling her journey.  Every time she made a big business decision, trained an employee, implemented a new process, and learned more about her financials she was GROWING both herself and her business.  By journaling, she was MAKING the time to let her successes FILL HER SOUL and FUEL HER FURTHER GROWTH.  And on the tough days or when she needed a reminder of how far she had come, she could flip back through her journal and witness her progress.  She was able to remember the “feelings” of her accomplishments and take time to “savor” her successes.  She could clearly see how far she had advanced and that decisions she was making now came with ease rather than ones that couldn’t have made in the past.

My client has made significant progress in a short amount of time and continues to position herself for even more growth.  In fact, before the holiday we will be working to finalize a contract that will be the most significant growth opportunity in the short history of the business. And what’s even better. . .this is just not one opportunity.  This is just the first of many, as it can be repeated over and over with other business partners.

So while you have probably heard about the benefits of journaling or how expressing gratitude can provide you with a strong return on your investment, I’m guessing you may have not thought about the power of expressing gratitude to yourself and the impact it could have on your business.

While what I’ve shared is just one example, I have worked with several businesses that have become million dollar businesses and went on to become multi-million dollar businesses by reflecting on their growth as Business Owners and being grateful for all they have done to transform themselves into the Business Owners they are today.

Parting thoughts. . .Business Owners and all others reading this, my challenge is for you to take time this month and every month to express gratitude to yourself for all of your accomplishments.  You deserve it and the benefits of increased confidence, the willingness to take risks, knowing that you can do hard things will put you in a position for further success.  Try it! You’ll like it!  And I would LOVE to hear about your results!

Wishing your & yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Teresa Pedigo

Teresa Pedigo

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Teresa A. Pedigo is the Owner & Founder of T.A. Pedigo & Associates, Inc. Teresa works with Business Owners and Entities to help them set goals, create action plans to reach those goals, and provides accountability to keep the owner on track to meet their goals.

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