How can you determine if you are suffering from Business Burnout?

How can you determine if you are suffering from Business Burnout?

How can you determine if you are suffering from Business Burnout?

The 2020 COVID-19 travel restrictions resulted in many missed or canceled vacations last year.  And in 2021, many are still be being cautious or choosing not to travel, as some destinations remain operating with restrictions.

As the daughter of a farmer, vacations were not a “thing” growing up.  There was always work to be done, meetings to attend, or worry if it would ever rain/ever stop raining. We only went on one family vacation the summer before my 4th grade year when we drove to Six Flags St. Louis and the Arch.  It was a 2 day/2 night getaway that ended early because Dad had to return home for an unexpected board meeting.

When I began my corporate career, I never gave vacations much thought because of my upbringing.  Most of the time I took off involved household chores or visiting family.  But, as the years passed, I began to see the benefits of taking a break and getting “refreshed”.  Business Burnout is real!  And although it feels like hard work completing tasks before you go and then all the work you will return to, overall the juice is worth the squeeze with respect to the ultimate payoff.

Then, when I went into business for myself, I turned into my Dad.  As a Business Owner, when you’re not working, you’re not getting paid, right? So I poured all my time into building my business thinking when I “earned” the vacation, I would take one.  After 3 years, I went to the beach for a week and since have committed to taking at least 1 week away each year to avoid Business Burnout. This decision was a game changer for both me and my business.

How can you determine if you are suffering from Business Burnout? Ask yourself if you identify with any of the following signs:

  • Do you have to force yourself to go to work and have difficulty getting started for the day?
  • Have you become cynical or hyper-critical?
  • Are you irritable or impatient with employees or clients/customers?
  • Do you find it hard to concentrate?
  • Do you feel unproductive because of lack of energy?
  • Are you using food, shopping, or alcohol to cope and feel better?
  • Has your sleep changed – sleeping more or sleeping less?
  • Do you have other unexplained physical problems?

Besides eating better, exercising, and getting more rest, vacations are just as important. Business Owners need to think of a vacation as an investment in themselves AND their business.  By slowing down, relaxing, doing the things we love to do, we become “refreshed and renewed”.  Therefore, we are able to perform at a higher level resulting in higher quality work. This is really critical not only for the health of the Business Owner, but ultimately the health of the business. Otherwise, you could be missing out on opportunities, making costly mistakes, or become complacent. How much money are you leaving on the table by being tired and burnout?

If you truly feel you can’t afford to take time away, you need to ask yourself WHY?  Why is your internal leader telling you this is not an option? How would your life improve by carving more time out for yourself and the ones you love? How would your business improve?

If you need assistance in finding a way to schedule a vacation from your business so you can spend some time on self-care, let’s schedule a conversation.  I would love to help make your vacation dreams a reality, while ensuring you are not leaving money on the table!

Teresa Pedigo

Teresa Pedigo

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