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Teresa Pedigo Business Coach
Teresa Pedigo Business Coach

Business Consultant/Coach on Call

Have you ever wanted to work with a Business Consultant/Coach, but not ready to commit to a long-term agreement?  Have you ever wished there was someone you could call for some clarity around a situation, guidance with the unfamiliar, or maybe you feel totally lost and not sure where to start?

I have an answer to these questions and so much more!  Give Business Consultant/Coach on Call a try!  Book by the hour at your convenience by clicking on the following link:  https://calendly.com/tapedigo/business-owner-consulting-sessions.  You can use this service as much or as little as you like to meet the needs of your business.  If you find yourself booking frequently, contact me directly for special package rates – 3 sessions, 5 sessions, 10 sessions.

How Much Money are You Leaving on the Table by Ignoring Job Costing Analysis?

I’ve worked with clients who have been satisfied with the amount of profit they are making. Then, I ask them, “How do they know you are making all the profit you could be making?”
If you own a business that generates bids, proposals. or estimates, how often are you comparing your actual costs to the costs you projected?  If this is not a normal practice in your business, you could be leaving a substantial amount of money on the table. Meaning, you have to work harder at more jobs to make up for what you have missed.
Schedule an Initial Conversation with Teresa today to see if instituting Job Costing could increase your profitability. The Initial Conversation is complimentary.  If you decide to implement Job Costing as a normal component of your business, we can discuss what that looks like and you will receive a 20% discount through the end of first quarter 2022.
DISC diagram
DISC diagram

Is Your Office Opening Soon? Why not kick it off right with a DiSC Workshop!

Start your organization on the path from personalized insights to lasting culture change with Everything DiSC.  Everything DiSC® is the premiere personal development training solution because it offers an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and the cultures of organizations.

The Everything DiSC Workshop is comprised of a 4 hour program where each team member will receive a 20-page report relaying their individual results of an assessment taken prior to the workshop. Together, team members will learn about the different DiSC styles, how they relate to each other and then how to effectively understand/communicate with other DiSC styles.  Teresa will facilitate this highly interactive workshop, plus work with the Business Owner prior to the workshop by providing additional reports to help the Business Owner lead the team most effectively.  Schedule an Initial Conversation with Teresa to learn more and receive individualized pricing.

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