“Teresa is wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her services. I am a small business owner that has used her to create an Employee Handbook as well as review my overall numbers and help me make decisions that has helped my business grow and be profitable.” – Sara Saric, Saric Consulting

“I have been working with Teresa for the past few months to reorganize my business. Even though business is good, I needed to go beyond my own knowledge and methods to take it to the next level. Teresa’s expertise has been a great asset.” Lynn Terry, Lynn Terry Photography

“I have worked with several coaches, both formally and informally, and have found Teresa to be by far the most valuable and cost effective. The underlying reason is how well she listens. Before making a single suggestion or opening a spreadsheet, Teresa made sure she knew what I was looking to get from coaching. She continues to listen carefully as we wrap up our first contracted period. 

The specific issue I came to Teresa with was the sense that I wasn’t personally making good use of my time to move the business forward. I say the process has been “cost effective” because I am accomplishing things that would be expensive or impossible to pay someone else to do. I have no hesitation recommending Teresa as a business coach.” -Jeremy C., Big Frog T-Shirts & More

“Teresa has been an incredible help in working with us to outline the direction of our business. She has worked with us to better understand our finances and to set long-term goals for our business. We developed a strategic plan that would have been very difficult if she hadn’t been there to guide us through it. For anyone starting a business or wanting to take your business to the next level, working with Teresa as your business coach would be a tremendous advantage. She has been extremely consistent and diligent about making us (very nicely) do what we need to do to get the job done. I would definitely recommend her.” –Jan Carpenter, Co-Owner of CorkTree Creative, Inc.

“Local marketing firm, Cork Tree Creative, Inc., is a client of AdviCoach and according to Laura Reed, one of the company’s owners, AdviCoach has been a tremendous asset to their company. “We are in serious growth mode and recognized while we are interested in growing and pursuing new business, we weren’t really planning for how to most effectively handle the growth. The access we have to the specific financial planning tools AdviCoach offers is remarkable, and so is Teresa as a professional. She keeps us on task each week and makes us accountable for doing the different exercises she recommends to help us improve our sales performance and ultimately our bottom line.” Laura Reed, Co-Owner of CorkTree Creative, Inc.

“(On) July 28, 2015, we began our journey with AdviCoach Business Coach in Illinois-Teresa A. Pedigo. When we work with Teresa she doesn’t TELL us what to do. She works with us to come up with the best plans for things and helps us realize potential. We set goals with the best options to achieve them and then analyze them along the way. A lot of people say they can’t afford a coach. My belief is that you can’t afford NOT TO. Thanks Teresa!” Debbie & Kent Scharf, Owner of Scharf Building Services, LLC


“Working with Teresa has been an absolute pleasure,” says Kent Scharf. “She’s really coached us to develop a clear vision for our future. We’re proud of our growth this past year and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for SBS. I would highly recommend AdviCoach to any business owner ready to commit to serious growth.” –Kent Scharf, Owner of Scharf Building Services, LLC

“I worked on a few things after we hung up yesterday.  You are really good at what you do.  I usually would have negotiated something like your fee down, but from the beginning I have felt like you are worth every penny.  I canceled some memberships and perks I give myself for a few months. I am very calm today because of you and can think clearer. Thank you for what you do.  You have helped in more ways than you know.” Jill Mettemeyer, Tapatio Cliffs, LLC 

“Another example of the incredible value you bring as a trusted resource for your clients.  You create a safe space for owners to freely discuss their business challenges, providing perspective within a metrics-based performance tracking model.  It only makes sense to see that type of improvement. Congratulations!” -Mark Larsen, The Entrepreneur’s Source

“Business owners no matter how successful can benefit greatly with some strategy sessions with Teresa. Setting goals is easy. Achieving those goals can be a lot faster and easier with some outside accountability in which Teresa provides. As a smaller business, it is so helpful having an outside expert “see” what you may not be seeing. Teresa at AdviCoach is highly recommended! “-Bryan & Jami White, All In Shipping

“Teresa uses her background in finance and banking to really teach her client what to value. A lot of business owners focus on everything except what matters. Working with Teresa will really help you grow in a smart and profitable way.” -Justin Ward, AVP Commercial Banking Officer at Town & Country Bank

“Teresa is not just a great person overall but has a great business mind and knowns how to make the right connections to help your business succeed. If you’re a small or medium business owner and you notice your bottom line getting a bit dark red you need to give Teresa a call.”  –Steven Paul, Test Drive Technologies

“Teresa has the ability to submerge herself into any business and use her coaching knowledge to help you increase your bottom dollar.” Lisa Adams, Adams Publications, Inc.

“TA Pedigo & Assoc is an outstanding resource for any Business owner. She understands how to assist business owners to get their business to the next level. I didn’t think I needed help until I met Teresa. She is amazing!!!”  -Sharon Campbell, Answer Direct

“Teresa is a consummate professional with a strong attention to detail. She fosters a positive and encouraging environment while keeping the group focused on the task at hand. I had the pleasure of working with her on a recent strategic planning task force for our local Chamber of Commerce and recommend her without hesitation.” -Chad Davis, Past President of the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/ Marine Chamber of Commerce  

“Our thanks to Teresa Pedigo for doing an outstanding job in leading the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce in their mission to be the best Chamber in the universe! Teresa helped our team with a strategic plan that will move us forward for the next thirty years. 

I would recommend Teresa if your organization wants to find a coach who can take you to the next level.” Dawn Mushill, Executive Director for the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/ Marine Chamber of Commerce

“I had a great meeting with Teresa (Business Review & Strategy Session). She has much to offer. If you haven’t taken her up on her offer, you should. And it’s free.” – Ron Hodgkins, Owner of Bel-o Pest Solutions

What can I say about Teresa from AdviCoach that would do her justice! If you are considering a business coach to help guide you, lead you or put you on the right path – she is the person I recommend. Teresa sat down with me and after completing a few questions and forms, she gave me advice how to take my business to the next level! She was able to see clearer than I was on a couple issues. She is both a cheerleader and a coach! Thanks Teresa! -Dr. Kathy Roche, Innovative Chiropractic Clinic

“I hired Teresa to help me grow my small business by being my accountability coach. She has helped me identify strengths in my business, my weaknesses and the opportunities that I have. We have set monthly goals and are working to meet them. She meets you where you are and then helps propel you higher!” –Jennie Bellinger, Division Manager with Jewels by Park Lane

“Teresa is organized and knowledgeable. If you are a business owner it would be well worth your time to schedule a free business review and strategy session with her. Whether your business is booming or needs some help, she is the person to talk to!” –Lisa York, Beacon Payment Systems

 “Teresa A. Pedigo gets knee to knee with her clients and holds them accountable to their goals. She is organized, strategic, and thoughtful. The return on your investment will pay off in spades.” – Sarah Schwarz, Stanley Steamer

“I would highly recommend Teresa Pedigo. She is articulate, and very organized in business coaching. She is determined to help make “you” the best “you” can be in your business. Great personality and trustworthy. I have no problem referring Teresa should the opportunity arise for another business owner needing help.” –Kay Kendall, Principle at Kay Kendall Interior Design

“The best quality service anywhere!” -James Kellermann, Call For Help, Inc.

Teresa was recently the facilitator of a Strategic Planning Committee and I was a participant. She kept all members of the committee focused and on task, thoroughly explaining the process while setting the vision for the ultimate goal. I am amazed at what we accomplished in such a short time. I credit our group’s success to Teresa’s overall business knowledge and ability to communicate, and I look forward to working closely with her in the next few months as we implement our plan.” –Julia McFarland, Owner of JM Graphics Design Group

“I was part of a 6 member team that followed Teresa’s guidance for our Strategic Plan in growing the business, cutting costs and creating audacious goals that have totally changed our bottom line and future for the better!” Mark VanZeyl, Bullseye Promotions

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